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Thank You !
Because without ALL YOU FANS- there would be no Starz!

If you are a music fan and you would like to join our street team for free, iFanz affiliate members (resellers) can make additional money by referring members that sign up at iFanz.com. iFanz helps its members to grow their fan base, sell product and be able to afford to keep making great music for us Fanz! Just visit our Affiliate section via the link below.

We give your own web page address to send your musician friends to so we can track your activity and know when it's time to cut you a check. So, make sure the login name you choose is what you will want to be part of the web address - for example, if your log in name is johnqpublic, then your iFanz referral address will be http://johnqpublic.ifanz.com -- makes sense right?

Once your commission reaches $100, we will happily mail you a check to say "thank you" for your referals. The following page is secure so don't worry about giving us your information - we just need it on file to keep the chaps over at the IRS happy!

To become an iFanz affiliate and receive a 10% residual commission of accounts you refer, please click here.

To simply check out some of our clients and sign up for their newsletters, please stop by our members page!

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