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Open an iFanz account and start building your NetShop today!

Opening your own NetShop is easy. Better yet, it's FREE*. That's right -- there's no investment required to fill your online store with all of the products at the right.

Everything is made on demand, meaning no more huge investments on inventory that MIGHT sell.

With NetShop you can change your product designs daily if you want to. Imagine mailblasting a campaign of "limited-time-only" merch -- create a buzz among your fans with these "instant collectibles".

Hats, mousepads, cups, clothes, bags, posters and more.

Already have an inventory of previously created merchandise? No problem!

Put it online in your NetShop and the fulfillment, credit card processing and customer service is all taken care of!

Put your own logo/image on any of these items to personalize your merchandise. See our sample stores:

*the only investment with NetShop is in image design time to create images for the above products. If you don't have a designer or existing images, please contact us for assistance.

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