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Take Charge of Your Career
iFanz gives artists the tools and the expertise you need to succeed in today's new music environment. Control your marketing, image, promotion, merchandizing and career. Control your artistic destiny--be your own content distributor to the world!

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Complete Artistic Freedom
iFanz does not meddle in the creative process. You control your own destiny. You control your music/performance. You control all your copyrights. You own your database.

Find Your Fanz
Our email list specialists will help you find exactly the targeted demographics you need. We offer tested and opted-in lists covering hundreds of thousands of Fanz. Mail blast to a new world of potential fanz!

In order for our list specialists to run numbers available and quotes to email to each name, we need to know the following:

any geographic areas you are concentrating on
type of music
age group of target
gender of target (M or F or M/F)
what type of email will you be blasting? (plain text, HTML, Flash/Video)

We will put together a quote based on the above information but please understand that you do not get a list of the emails, the mail house will deploy your message to their list for a "per blast" fee. The way you grow your list is by incentivizing the recipients to use the "send to a friend: button which captures THOSE names back into your iFanz database.

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Turnkey Fan Data Base Management
Collect, store and manage fan emails and demographics. iBlast thousands of emails to your Fanz in minutes (regular ISPs allow only a dozen or so at a time). Announce shows, new CDs, merchandise or just keep in touch -- after all, your fans are your 401k and they're waiting to hear from you. Send plain text or rich HTML email, even full action "NetSpots". Schedule blasts from anywhere in the world to targeted zip codes. Keep track of your career and your Fanz 24/7/365 from anywhere on the planet. FREE up to 100 names!

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